Thomas J. Harris, CPA



Thomas graduated from the University of Washington in December, 1965 with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the Foster Business School. He was immediately hired by the firm of Friedman, Lobe & Block Certified Public Accountants. From then until October, 1972 he advanced from junior accountant, to senior accountant, and was finally an audit supervisor when he left to pursue other professional endeavors. Mr. Harris also assisted in tax preparation and review during this time. In addition, during the period the firm merged with the large national firm of Laventhol, Kreckstein, Horwath & Horwath Certified Public Accountants. He gained an immense amount of experience during this transition.
After leaving Laventhol, he took a position with the firm of Clark, Nuber & Millison Certified Public Accountants, in Bellevue, WA to be an audit supervisor. It included overall supervision of the audit department including organizing the audit program system. Mr. Harris left that position in August, 1973 to open an office in Seattle for the Portland firm of John Fought & Co. Then in November of 1974 he departed from that firm to open his own office.
Since opening his own office, Thomas has expanded his services to the point where he has over 400 individual, corporate, partnership, and other tax clients as well as over 50 business consulting, bookkeeping, and payroll clients.
Thomas merged his practice into the firm of Harris & Gillespie CPA’s, PLLC in January of 2014 in order to expand the audit services for Securities and Exchange Commission clients, which were supervised by the Public Company Accounting Oversite Board. In June of 2015, he divested the Securities and Exchange Commission business and now concentrates on non-SEC audits, taxes, counseling, and other business services.

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